Maldives বাংলাদেশী প্রবাসীর কষ্ট Bangladeshi Probashi Sad News Kill & Dead DhakaiYa Pola Part 2

Maldives Bangladeshi Probashi Sad News
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#pradhanmantri #hasina #primeminister #probashitalk #help
#Bangladesh #Bangladesh Those who are born in Bangladesh have been told to go to another country. In the hope of living in good environment and achieving foreign exchange and making the family economically dependent, Bangladeshis go abroad. Among the expatriate Bangladeshis, Saudi Arabia has the largest number of lives, their number is ...

None of the expatriates miss! Bangla Probashi News
probashi mean people who do not live in bangladesh (country) but work for their country we was thinking this,
that people who are probashi for us, we think they are very happy and satisfied to live another country (probashi). but actually this not true We are real hero, they are real human ...
we have to understand that probashi is that point.

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