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We just want you to stay with us always. And we are very happy.... Thank You So Much.

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Basic Information YouTuber Monir Date Of Birth Birthday: 24 December... Happy Birthday To You: Monir.

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Every year on 24th December everybody's invitation is in my house. So please come.

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Our work is just making new videos.
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    My new job. Google YouTube Music � Video Director At YouTube.

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    Dhakaiya Pola: Official Youtube Channel. Provided By... YouTuber Monir.

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    This Channel: Bangladeshi Music Video Song And Funny Romantic Videos

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    I'm so lucky that you love me and I want you by my side. Thank you.


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    Our Creative Videos.

    Are You Looking For New Bangladeshi Drama Entertainment And Music Video So Stay Tuned.

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    Our channel is capable of creating nice videos.

    Bangladeshi YouTuber MD Monir Munshi - Home Site.

    MD Monir Munshi
    Managing Director

    YouTuber MD Monir - Music Video Director At YouTube.

    MD Monir
    Presenter By DhakaiYa Pola

    Presenter At DhakaiYa Pola YouTube Channel - Home.

    Radib Islam Ehsan
    Presenter And Director

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    Free To Contact MD Monir

    If you have any problems, please let us know, I will try to solve it very soon, Thank you for being with us !

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